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Yesterday was my second time out to this spot, and I definitely made my way around the place more thoroughly. The red trail out of the Newmans lane parking lot (I went clockwise around the loop) was something else. Rocky over substantial sections and tight over others, I found it challenging but nothing too crazy. Once you crest at the top of the hill overlooking the quarry (to your left when you do), the downhill is a blast. Some fun dives into little streams here and there, but for the most part dry and not too muddy.

I also hit up the blue trail on the other side of Newmans from the parking lot. The main uphill section (if you head counterclockwise) was one large, jagged stone, and therefore the whole trail seemed rockier, but it could just be perception. Blue is a lot shorter than its counterparts on the other side.

This is definitely the closest good spot to me, and it seems like there's a lot there.

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