Dickerson Mine Trail Directory


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We have soooo much new stuff in the works. I just wish we could get to it all, like right now!

  • Canfield Ave. / School Connector (Hedden Park Connector)
  • Yellow Trail (New) Canfield side of park
  • Red Trail (New) Dunks / 46 side of park
  • New bridges
  • Corridor widening for snow grooming

Good stuff @Jason and they jorba crew has been doing over there. Really fun, flowly blue/white loops with some technical features mixed in. Then some additional technical bits on orange with some excellent rock work.

Love this log ride


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I have been busy at work so DM has been my only venue for MTB so far this year. THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE'S HARD WORK!!!!!
The Blue trail is a lot of fun and going back and forth on White and Blue have been great trail riding for me: Beach connector trail is too hard for me!
They are still building trails in here, so this place is really quite a gem in a small area!
Husband and I rode this a few weeks ago for first time. Great place. Is there a suggested start/parking for taking kids first time on singletrack?


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I normally park in the beach lot then ride the road to the gravel lot and start there. You have to go up hill from any of the parking lots that I know of but once up top it's not bad riding. I like to park in the beach lot a ride the road to get some kinda warm up before going up.


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader