Diamond Cycle - 409 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair


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I started shopping there years ago when I lived in Essex county. I got my first mtn bike there as well as my second, a Specialized Rockhopper back in 2001. I was so happy dealing with everyone there that I brought 3 of my friends who all purchased bikes. I have yet to hear any complaints and the guys at Diamond Cycle are always ready to take a look at your bike and make any adjustments.

I had them put an MRP kit on my Rockhopper that to this day only had to be adjusted once! I think Lou is his name who did the work.

I just recently started searching for a new Specialized FS bike and after checking out a few local shops all carrying 03 bikes, no one wanted to work with me on price.

Even living in Morris Plains, I ended up back at Diamond Cycle and got a killer deal on my new 03 Epic. I had them swap my wheels and disc brakes from my Rockhopper to my Epic.

There's just something about going into a shop where everyone is willing to talk with you and guess what? They're all riders too! Such a great atmosphere there!

If your looking for service or a new bike I would definitely take a ride down there and ask about any close outs.

Website: http://diamondcycle.com


Great wrench!

I just took my Specialized Stumpjumper in for a bit of TLC and a fork overhaul. I chatted with Lou on the phone in the morning and the bugger was still there at about 7:30pm that night. He came away from the repair he was working on and chatted to me for probably 20-30 minutes whilst I explained a few niggles that i had with my bike. He explained that he was backed up a week or so but I wasn't looking to get the bike back for a while due to my travel plans so said that i could leave it with him and had no rush - 2 weeks was fine if required.

He advised me what he would be doing, I got my receipt and left him to it.

A week later I got a call to say the bike was done. Lou told me what he'd done, the few additional things that he'd tweaked (routed the front brake line through a new hose guide he'd attached, gutted and rebuilt the BB bearings, straightened a rotor, found and eradicated a squeak, trued wheels, tightened bits and bobs, as well as my fork overhaul and things like that). He advised that he'd been for a quick spin and it was just dandy. I didn't ask the price of the repair but expected it to be up there a little.

I couldn't get to the shop until last night but my bike was there and was more shiny then when I got it - it looked new! The cost - $127.50! Fantastic!

Unfortunately Lou seemingly had taken a few hours off so I couldn't congratulate him but I'm well pleased with the results. I'm not going to be able to test ride my "new" steed for another week or so due to travel but she's certainly looking good!

So, if you live in and around Montclair, please give these guys a look. Great to chat with and they do a damn fine overhaul!


I am a regular there and know Lou pretty well, I have to go there today and will extend your pleasure of his service I'm sure he'll be happy to hear it...


Bought two bikes there years ago. Always loved the shop workers but hated the owner. Always seemed pretty arrogant/uptight to me and is the main reason I stopped going.
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