Diablo Tomorrow


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I'll be there ridin solo tryin to get there right around 9
(silver xc rocky mountain hardtail/4door red chevy with a cap)
if you see me feel free to say whats up i'd def be down for someone to ride with on nothin to crazy. I'm gettin excited already

By tomorrow, do you mean today? :p

I'll be there too. not really riding... I'll be shooting the Jump Jam.

Look for a guy with a big Canon camera, possibly a big white lens, and a red shirt. Driving a silver PT.

The pics are free so anyone in the competition, lemme know if you want your shot. If you're not competing, I can shoot you too as long as there is downtime.

I'll bring my hardtail and XC helmet, just so I can push up the hill and ride indycross repeatedly. :D
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