Diablo Jump Jam 2008 PICS! (orange jacket)


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Haha, yeah, it's me. Took me a little while to process, but I finished the good stuff. Enjoy.

Album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/f2f4/sets/72157608423982639/
Slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/f2f4/sets/72157608423982639/show/

Some shots:







All feedback appreciated!
I'll be adding some more shots to the album; I just wanted to get the good stuff up.

Oh, whoever gave me the thrashbike sticker; your website email is down.

Overall; AWESOME event.


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I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THAT but you beat me to it.

Those transformer costumes are the most disoriented costumes ever...

I'm not not photo expert but I think the first one on this thread up top is a sweet shot. It's def. worthy of something. The fall colors and theme is captured very well.
As far as the jump shots go, I think you need to back away for some shots to get the whole prespective of the jump too.

But otherwise nice job. The conditions there that day look super tacky =)
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It was tacky times ten. Insanely tacky.
Almost too much grip.

I tried backing off and wider angles a bit, but my attached fill flash couldn't keep the riders well lit without really effecting the foreground. The sun was behind or to the side almost the whole time.

1) Bring separate strobes (one guy did this; I don't have nice lighting yet)

2) Shoot in the morning, when the sun would light the riders more from the front... then I could get the sweet wide-angle I wanted.

Thanks for the compliment on the first pic. I love it too. Taken from the lift, , obviously. I used my 100-400 L.
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