Diablo Domination series


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A few weeks ago I posted up about wanting to do a ride May 17/18 at Diablo and someone pointed out that there is a race going on that weekend. How much of the mountain is off access because of the race/ practices, and how crowded should the mountain be? Would Saturday be better than Sunday? Between that race and the US Open the place is booked until June! I can't wait that long!


The domination series races usually do not cause a problem. They are run off the right side if your looking down the mountain from the top. All the popular trails should be open. Worst case scenario you have to stop towards the end of Tempest to cross over the course.

Go and have fun rippin' it up. :)


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It probably will be fairly crowded though.

The first Domination race usually gets a pretty healthy attendance due to it being a week before the US Open.


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Yeah that was me, If I was putting on a ride, i'd wait for a non-race weekend. Sure, not that much is blocked off because of the race course itself, but it's still ten times for busy. Just a thought but good luck and i'll probaly be there when you do the ride, since i'm there pretty much everyday.


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Thanks guys. I think I will just head up on my own or with a bud then. I'd like to do some runs with you all, I'll be on a grey Iron Horse mkIII with a Reba up front and a CF 661 full face on my head. Say hi!

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