DH/FR/AM Forum?

Down Hill Forum?

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    Votes: 24 66.7%
  • No Way

    Votes: 1 2.8%
  • Indifferent

    Votes: 7 19.4%
  • This board is no place for that non-sense

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How can you have a roadie forum but no DH/FR/AM forum? Makes no sense to me. Especially with Diablo being right here in NJ.


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go for it

NJ is home to Diablo, which is considered a pretty good DH/FR destination - i think the site should have a spot for DH style riding, just based on Diablo alone. plus the site has a road forum, and i'd say DH/FR is more mtb related than road, so its definitely a topical forum.

out of staters might be looking for info on visiting Diablo, so it could bring some more users on board. i'd bet a DH/FR forum would bring some good activity/hits for the site overall. it might bring some lurkers out of the woodwork too.

but instead of DH/FR/AM, how about DH/FR/DJ?

***edit*** mtbdawg - you beat me to it.
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eh, I always hate going on forums with a billion subforums. I have only been on this site for 6 or 7 months, but I haven't exactly seen a lot of posts about this kind of riding. Definitely not enough where I would see a need to create a separate section for them.

But my opinion doesn't mean :blah: really. I'll still be on here 20 times a day anyway.


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A DH forum is fine by me!
Heck, I've never tried DH but would love to be swayed.

Oh, and put in one for Cyclocross too... that's halfway between MTB and road and totally insane... they're all good in my book.

Bring em on!


Hell yeh, DH in the house!

Another vote for the DH forum. It only make sense for the all around rider. If it has wheels and you have to pedal - yes, if you race DH you do have to pedal, then it is MTB related. Besides, we have a roadie section on "MTB"NJ? Open your minds, spread the love and all that jazz.

I have a road bike, fully rigid XC, dualie XC, dualie AM/FR, DH race bike. I like to talk about all my bikes.


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keep it as it is. I leave the other forums with the dh/ diablo sections because of all the spitting and drama. Dh forums are like being in a busy train station. this forum is like a cozy cabin in the woods.


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The points brought up by 743 and PSP seem to be the biggest drawbacks to that type of sub-forum.


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2 things for sure about PSP. He can take pics and it seems he fully understands DH drama. Skip the subform, they have plenty of other places to go.................


I was almost going to agree with PSP for a minute there until I realized something. I have been on the DH forums and part of the race scene for years now and have first hand experience with PSP. He is fine here, takes great pictures, and maybe perhaps he has matured a bit lately. But he is responsible for his fair share of "young, dumb and and full of ---" drama in the DH forums and at the mountains.

I don't think you will be getting any crossover from other forums. It would be just for the DHers who happen to be on MTBNJ already. No DHer would come here for information on the DH scene and have to sift through roadie photos and videos and talk about 26, 27.5, 29er wheels. There would be no more drama than uptight roadie would cause. :)

Yeh!, to DH forum.

PSP - Sorry, but had to call you out when you brought up DH drama. I however like the new more mature, correct spelling, MTBNJ you.


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Why not just post with everyone else? We read the posts anyway. I don't care but it just seems like more work for someone.


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get rid of roadie forum, they never wave back!!!!

LOL! what,you did'nt see my fingers twitch?:D
Anyway,a dh section would be ok w/me.I don't have one and I don't know if there's room in the stable or wallet for one,but is is still another form of mountain biking.And if it turns into a baggy pants half off the ass drama kids' section we can just avoid it.But I think I've seen trials bikes mentioned more than dh bikes and there's no forum for them.
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