Demo Days?


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I know ski companies run Demo days at ski mountains, where tons of distributors line up with there produict for you to try free. Do they do this with mountain bikes, and if so when and where?

I went into Beechwood Bikes the other day and the kid there told me they had a demo day comming up soon. He said it was on their website, but I havent seen any announcments yet.


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Here's the info from Beachwood Bikes website.....

5/25/2007 Friday through Sunday 5/27/07
US Open: Diablo Freeride Park
Interested in freeride and downhill mountain biking? Want to watch some of the biggest names in downhill racing and take part in the festivities of the US Open of mountain biking? Take advantage of Beachwood Bikes demo weekend at Diablo Freeride Park. This event will showcase the beefier end of the Rocky Mountain line. Interested riders should be prepared for a few hours of riding a sampling of Rocky Mountains with a small group you would be familiar with from the shop. Bike set up and guided beginner downhill runs would be handled with the same professionalism, fun and attention to details you would expect from Beachwood Bikes. Please contact John at the shop or by email to set up an appointment. Mountain bike experience required.

Bike and lift pass are included in the demo. Any other equipment and gear can be rented at the mountain or purchased at Beachwood Bikes (20% off all accessories 10% off freeride/downhill bikes for participants).



JORBA: Ringwood
Trek will be at Waway on May 5.

Jamis will be at Ringwood April 29?

Best bet is to check the websites of the bike mfg for demo schedule. Atleast you can get idea of when they will be in your area. Some of the bike shops do not advertise it very well.

Many of the bike mfg attend major events and offer demos at them ....
National races, Pedrofest etc.


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Allendale Cycle & Jamis are having a demo @ Ringwood Parking Lot C this Sunday Apr 29th at 10am.

Sid Bike Shop & Santa Cruz will be having a demo @ Sprain Ridge on Sunday May 13 from 9 to 2 aprox.


Martys Reliable have a demo day at Lewis Morris. They will announce it on their website. They typically have a few Specialized Stumpys and Epics there.

That's where I tried out a Stumpy last year and ended up buying one later in the season.


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Thanks for all the info guys.

I'll try to get out to the one on Sunday =)
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