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With the recent discussions on the merits of wearing helmets, I would like to bring your attention to the new banner that you will see on the board. The David D. Hammar Foundation is an organization whose mission is to advocate for bicycle and pedestrian safety along road ways, and to increase bicycle safety education and promote the use of helmets.

For those of you who think helmets are optional, or know people who feel that way, here is why the foundation was started:

"On September 21, 2006, David D. Hammar was involved in an accident while riding his bicycle. He was riding for health reasons and was excited to start a new job the following Monday. He was thrown to a temporary death on the side of the road, then revived by paramedics who responded very quickly. His heart was beating once again and he was breathing on his own, only, his brain was severely injured. He was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter and was diagnosed with severe brain trauma and eminent brain death. He clung to life for the rest of the day but began to show signs of brain death that evening. We arranged for organ donation which took place on September 22 and he was deceased following surgery. His liver and both kidneys were immediately transplanted into 3 people, and some of his tissues may be used in the future.

David was an inspiration to his family and friends throughout his life and now through his death. He was a teacher, friend and father to those he touched in his lifetime. He now lives on in his family and we owe our courage and determination in starting this foundation to the values he bestowed in us."

Please click here more more information about this worthy organization.
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