Danville/Bloomsburg, PA riding


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Figured I'd post this up in case anyone is in that area - it's not far from Knoebel's Amusment Park too so if you need a break/get away. I wouldn't say these are destination places but great for anyone in the area/driving through. I visited two areas in Danville to ride.

Geisinger Stewardship Forest- these are located on the north edge of Geisinger Medical Center. This is the location for the old Tour de Tykes race that was part of the MASS series a bit ago. The trails were recently renamed and do not correspond to the trails on Trailforks (as told to me by two locals). The trails are VERY well marked and the routes on Trailforks are still easy to follow. There is ALOT of climbing - but I found that I used the fireroad up the center of the trails as my climb and then descended on flowy singletrack. Trails are mostly pine needles and roots with some shale. Place would be great for an enduro IMHO.




Hopewell Park Mountain Bike Trails - my dad first saw this area based on the dirt jumps and pump track. Upon further investigation, there is a network of trails behind the dirt jumps/pump track. The dirt jumps range from beginner to advanced and can easily be seen from parking area. There is a "skills" area but it seemed to be overgrown. The trails for the most part are very well marked with the exception of some new/rogue trails. Again, a lot of climbing - punchy short climbs and switchbacks. On the other side of the ridge is a fire road which I used as my climbing access point. Not very technical in aspect of trails but some of the loose shale on steep descents can be tricky. Again, I think this place would be awesome for an enduro.




I enjoyed both despite my tired legs and stifling heat. I plan on going back when I visit my dad.


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We were out there today driving through the college!
Unfortunately, too early for the brew pub to be open......

thank for the info!
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