Damn you Yellow trail!!


El Guac-Oh
After all the love I give Skyline drive...this is how it pays me back...:mad:
Another bike bites the dust (in less than 1 month)....well, not the bike this time, but my hanger, rear derailleur and a spoke on the rear wheel...those huevos rancheros for breakfast make me legs so strongggg:rolleyes:

About 4mi into the ride almost out of the Yellow trail climb...SNAP!!! my ride came to an end...

DAMN IT!! I miss my single speed!!

So, I am in the market for a new wheel set (3rd spoke on that wheel :mad:) & a new derrailleur , if u see something cheap let me know...

I am out of this Tuesdays Skyline ride :mad2::mad2:

ps. I am afraid to take my road bike out tomorrow :scared:


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Man will you stop wrecking bikes. Geeez.;)

Are you running SRAM or Shimano shifters?


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Fred stops breaking bikes and starts winning races.
Zoller stops winning raffles and starts breaking bikes.

I'm sensing the el nino of bad bike karma winds have changed.

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