Damn weatherman!


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So I was planning an early morning ride today (5-6ish) because weather.com predicted snow starting around 7 am. So I get up around 8 after smashing my alarm clock off my nighstand, no snow outside so I figure I read it wrong and snow was supposed to come tomorrow. I go back to sleep to get up around 11. Hop up throw on my gear and head out. I'd say after about 1-2 miles it started snowing like crazy with a really nasty headwind. I tried to ignore it for a while, but then my hands started getting cold as I took the non-blizzard-wind-in-your-face-and-hands gloves. I was pretty bummed so I just made a few quick corrects and got home after only 10 miles :(. Hopefully this stuff doesn't stick so I can get in a better ride tomorrow.

Worse yet after cleaning everything and taking all my stuff out the snow lets up and it looks okay to ride in. With my luck as soon as I pop out I'll get hit with another blast ;p

Oh well, at least it should make skiing Friday that much better. I can't wait to get my mountain bike back out.

Edit: No clouds! Going back out ;)
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Steve Vai

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We got caught in the storm twice, once on the way out around 9am and on the way back in around noonish. The second time around was brutal. Visibilty went to zero and the wind was vicious, we barely made it back. At least we got 3:45 in the saddle:D

Round Valley. Weather was perfect.

The storm not too long after.

Tomorrow looks better:D

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