da red road


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anyone up for some mtb tonight?

i'm gonna head over to the red road and check it out, post back or pm soon if you want to go, i hope to be out the door soon


Complete Nonsense
danger will robinson

Much of the red road "Turned a whiter shade of trail", but the problem when these mud pockets freeze, the little ones freeze before the big ones, and even though some trails open up this time of year due to less foilage, at night its hard to tell, what is trail with frozen puddles, and what is just plain somewhat frozen stream

That being said, i got in 4 miles, a piece of the red road back and forth twice, i believe there is quick a bit more of single track west of i-95 and hackensack river, yet i'll wait for daylight or a buddy who's more familiar with the trails, before i go deeper into the bogland



pic & ride used the nite rider usb helmet light
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