Cyclocross Nationals Results


Roger De Vlaeminck (RDV)


Any word or rumors to where Nationals will be next year?
I hear you on wnating to get there. After seeing you race two weekends in NJ you should seriously think about having an assistant coach help with the winter sports until the Nationals are over. You were one fast mo-fo at the end of November.

What do you coach? I coach soccer in the fall and it is a challenge maintaining a consistent and structured training plan with the new school year/season and family. I am seriously thinking about not coaching in the fall for the school (modified 7/8) so I can ride/train more or at the least get an assistant and split the pay. The check is really nice and I love it but man I love racing cyclocross and sacrifices are going to be made. Coaching subsidizes my bike and bike racing addiction however I really only need to purchase entrance fees and a set of tubulars fo rthe coming season...oh and the belgium knee warmers. need the belgium knee warmers!


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Winter Sports

I've been coaching Skiing for 6 years and like you it helps support my addiction to cycling. I have an Assistant and he's a cyclist too, but I'm sure that next year they'll be on the west coast. It's tough with the Family to fly out and race after racing most weekends through the year. I promise myself that when it comes back east I'll be there.

I don't know about being a fast mo-fo at the end of Nov. the only thing that was fast was how my form was slipping away.:( Thankfully it hung around for the state championship. August and September I was really feeling great, but I didn't race a ton. :hmmm: I'll have to work on the timing a little better.


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