Cyclocross bike at 6-Mile

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
If you have a CX bike, make the trip to 6-Mile, it's a BLAST!! Today I averaged 18mph off-road:D



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That seems like an epic speed, did you do a lot of the fire-road like straight stuff super fast to bump it up or do you just put me to shame all around :puke:?

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
I did my normal MTB loop. I started in the canal side parking lot, went through the little twisty cornfield section before the blue trail, to the blue trail, across Middlebush, through the twisty stuff to Rt.27, then turn around and do the same stuff the other way. The wide-open sections really bump the average up a lot, you can hit over 30mph on the CX bike through that stuff, and it's just as fast through the twisty stuff.


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The new loop we are adding this month might make a good spot for a cross race.

It will be a loop of sorts which 6 mile has lacked so far.



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Jim V, you mean your average was 18 mph on the way to 6 mile


hahah that had me laughing.

Out of curiosity Jim V, what do you average on a MTB through 6 mile. Those 30mph sections on the cx def bump the average up nicely but you have to be hauling the twisties as well.


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can we all send money to Jim for a new bike computer

I'll gladly kick in a couple bucks.... But maybe his bike computer is set to KMs ?? 18 mph for an Average Speed for 6 Mile... Maybe Jim should quit his job at High Gear and get a job on the Pro Tour ??


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I saw a guy on a orange ventana a few weeks back leading the group ride.

His average was 19mph.


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thanks for exposing my secret transportation. now i need to find another one. my wife has volunteered to provide me with back up because my current riding partner is a little scared .

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