Cyclists Under Attack by Federal Government. Act Today!


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Today the US Senate will vote on two amendments to the transportation appropriations bill today that will eliminate funding for transportation enhancements (Bicycle and Pedestrian projects). These amendments are unacceptable to cyclists. Please contact your Senators via phone and email today to let them know how you feel. go here to take action


ZGOZZ Macman
Funny they talk about doing our part, and then they do stuff like this.
Ride to work, but will not give you a safe way to get there....:popcorn:


The Moped
deficits are warranted when they debt is used to pay for things I might enjoy. Screw my children.


Well-Known Member
Wonder if any of the stimulus money went to any bicycle friendly projects? Probably not since we as bicyclists don't lobby in Washington!


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We do represent in Washington!

Each year the League of American Bicyclists hosts the national bike summit which includes a day long "storming" of Capitol Hill to lobby our congressman and Senators on issues important to cyclists. JORBA representatives have present at all of them going back 12 years (or so, I can't remember when the first one was). Many things have been accomplished including raising the amount of transportation enhancements money from a few million back in the early 90's to about 1.4 billion this year. Much of the funding came from the stimulus.
For more info on how you can be involved check out and the website for the newly formed New Jersey Bike Coalition at You can also be more involved in Mountain Bike Advocacy. Check out and of course IMBA at
If you are tired of the same old, same old, don't become cynical, become involved!
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