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What an awesome experience! I went a little out of the way for a sweet deal, but boy was it worth it, the people I dealt with there were awesome. The countless phone calls to Jeff + Brad as well as the way they handled my Superfly's brake warranty (the rear was shot from the get-go) was great. They gave me so many options to choose from and eventually just ordered another brake for me and dealt with the warranty themselves, I even offered to pick up both so as to not hassle them about it, but they were super cool about it.

The guys at the shop were super patient with my requests (I needed to shuffled around money to try and hide the actual cost from the overlord). I left on really good terms with them and for just being some guy that rolled up off the street for a good price, they treated me long I was long standing customer. They're a little far from me at this point (@ LV), but anyone in the area is lucky to have such a nice crew to deal with kudos to them all :p


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CC stepped up huge this year to sponsor JORBAfest and Paydirt2008, and is onboard for Paydirt 2009. Owner and Gen manager also lobbied with us in DC this year at the national bike summit.

Totally agree that CCraft rocks. Glad you had a good experience.
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