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Hello people,
Cycle Works is starting up its Park Tool School Classes next week on Nov 12 tues. night and 15th thurs. night. The frist classes will be the 6 hour and will run for 3 weeks. They will be 2 hours a night from 6-8pm. Up to 6 people will be in the class so everyone will be able to get the help they need. The 12 hour classes will start the second week of January on the 8th tues. night 6-8pm and the 12th saturday morning 8-10am. Again up to 6 people in the class. The 4 hour get home classes will be held when the 12 hour classes end. That will be in Feb. or Mar.. For class pricing and availability please call Cycle Works and ask for John or Frank. :D

Cycle Works


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I took this class last winter, along with Brad and Sweatty Betty. It is hands on - you work on your own bike (unless jake's is in for repairs), and john does a great job customizing the class based on your comfort level and type of bike you ride.

Sweaty Betty

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I took the class last winter - knowing nothing about my bike - it was great to eliminate some of the mystery while the more advanced folks were learning and working on their bikes. John and Frank do a great job of making it relevant and fun for everyone there. I am signed up to take it again this winter, now that some of the mystery is gone I am ready to learn a bit more (besides I am a bit remedial - unfortunately for John and Frank it will probably take me years of classes before I am proficient).
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