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I feel there should be a 'cross only forum. Why? Because this website is MOSTLY about mountain biking. While many will argue that 'cross is basically mountain biking with road bikes, I think there is still a difference.

That said, a Sub-Forum in the "Rides, races and events" would be fine to start with. I just don't want confusion with new comers who go to the rides, races and events forum and see's a thread for "race this Saturday at Jamesburg" and think it's a mountain bike race, etc.

That might be a little bit of a stretch, but I'm just throwing this out there. A

After all, isn't this sorta why the "Tour de NJ" Forum was made? So roadie content can be spoken in there? So... why not cross?! :)

Feel free to shoot-down or suggest other options!


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Do you have red hair? (edit: yes I see you do. I saw you in the Newman's Lane lot maybe a week ago yesterday? Colavita kit, right?)

On a totally unrelated topic, cx forum. Sure, why not?


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Hey dude with red hair, remember me? I hungout around effingers for like 3-4 days drooling over the pitch pro.


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I 3rd the motion hereby suggested by the young red-haired one. Also, as a full-fledged member of both the "P-Way Crew" and the "C-Rocks All-Stars", I should get an extra 2 votes, so I also 4th and 5th the motion of one James-of-McCabe:D

-Jim AKA "Boss O' Cross"


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I'm not sure of the various affiliations I may claim, but I also think a dedicated CX forum makes sense.


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Un EFFIN Believable....

less than 2 days it took to have a CX forum....

and we are still waiting for the OTHER AREAS section...:getsome::D:getsome::D:getsome::D

i guess this means I must get a CX bike and stop going to the OTHER AREAS... if you can't beat them... :rolleyes:

Your not cool unless you pee your pants or ride a cross bike :D
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