Anybody out there been on the new 'dale? I'm in the market for a bike and since the Nat'l champ is riding it, it must be awesome, right? Any info would be appreciated.


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Im riding the '08 model. I love it. It is a stiff ride but the power(what little I have) right to the wheels.

Steve Vai

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We have one in the shop. It's the same frame as the '08. It is very light and super-stiff with the BB30 setup. It's by far my favorite "out-of-the-box" race bike on the market. Just keep an eye on the sizing, they are a smidge on the tall side, especially if you have short legs (like me).



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Possible Sale?

I was thinking of selling my pit bike. 60cm Van Dessel w/ carbon rims and brand new tufos (tubulars of course). 9spd 105. Looks and rides great. $1,400 ??

Any Takers. I'll have to post a picture.

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
Wanna sell those wheels by themselves? I could trade you my Bonty Race Lites with tires so you have something to throw on it:D

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