Curious but cautious. CBD use?

Dave Taylor

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I have been curious and wanted to try CBD oil to treat old injuries, inflammation and anxiety.

I see people like Dan Bilzerian(playboy of instagram) starting Ignite which to me is a red flag...hey it's Dan. But then I see Dean Wilson sponsored by Ignite using the oil and he gets tested through WADA for Supercross and Motocross racing. Carey Hart swears by the stuff and I see the entire Nitro Circus crew using oils and those dudes have a huge history of injury.

The reason I haven't this yet is that I have random drug testing at work through Ambassador Medical. I actually got tested last week and they test for THC but not CBD. I asked the technician and he said he gets asked all the time and cbd oil will not show up in a test. Hmm, is it not possible to get a good answer on legality?

So I started with google searching and found that most "THC free" oils mean that they contain .03% or less THC. I read a bunch of articles and am still a bit lost on knowledge. I guess I am wondering who has tried them, does anyone else get tested, is it as good as they make it sound?

Lastly, I am not looking to throw away my job, do anything illegal or even something unhealthy for my buddy but CBD has my attention. There is obviously a disconnect between what corporate America approves(Coke, Monster, Red Bull, 5 Hour energy, Cigarettes, Alcohol etc) but what about the FDA? Most of the ones I mentioned are FDA approved. How do we KNOW? I ask this because my body is plagued with old injuries, scar tissue etc. It would be nice to enjoy life with a bit less pain and stress on the body.


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Funny you mention this... I just picked up some Floyd's of Leadville from Hb last night... They make two versions... "Full Spectrum" has trace amount of THC, and "Isolate" has zero THC. Their site lists independent lab tests, which could be BS, but if you're gonna ride a bike, and take CBD, might as well be from Floyd Landis...

My rheumatologist said to go ahead and try CBD for my arthritis. Usual response for other "alternative" treatments is more, um, restrained.

I only bought it last night, and my other Rx's were just adjusted, so I'm going to wait a week or so to try so I can differentiate between the CBD effect and the Rx effect.

Dave Taylor

Rex kwan Do
Thanks guys. It's a sensitive topic as I've heard people praise the results but there is, in my mind a question mark as far as drug testing. I'm obviously not going to risk my family well being but if I can dig and come up with more solid material to take the "risk" out of it I'd love to try it.

Dave Taylor

Rex kwan Do
I may be SOL the more I dig. It looks like FMCSA (federal motor carriers) is less than 1NG/ml THC. Trying to find NJDMV guidelines.


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How long did it take? I mean, I didn't eat meat for three months. Does that count? I didn't really notice a difference.
By the second month I felt great . I've had lots of broken bones and injuries do to motocross and general crazy nitro circus type stuff in my youth and was starting to develop constant back , knee and ankle soreness / pain . Just being a vegetarian or vegan doesn't equal being healthy theres plenty of junk out there but for me it's made enough of a difference that I dont ever see myself consuming meat ever again .


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My bosses wife has severe arthritis in her hands, and she started taking cbd. She works for a police department up north, for shits and giggles they tested her and she came up positive for thc, i believe. I dont know what or how she was taking, i can ask tomorrow if youd like.


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I broke my leg two years back. I refused any of the painkillers they prescribed. I instead took high doses of CBD and THC edibles daily. What may be a surprise to many is that when you are in real pain, thc works. It's not a joke. I avoided all the traps that painkillers can catch you in and I was more aware of my condition as it wasn't as masked.

As for CBD as a stand alone, we've been selling it in the shop since I first heard that Floyd was selling it. I've seen all kinds of results. Some people say they barely feel it and others say it's a game changer. Some claim better sleep, reduced fatigue and faster recovery.

This is of course a controversial topic and my view is that each person may have a different result and complete experience. Just like THC.

As a side, the locally owned pet shop near me is selling like 50 kinds of CBD dog treats. Dogs are less likely to have some kind of placebo. The owner of the shop tells me that many customers say that their older dogs have been granted a new vitality and freedom of movement.

I for one am a believer and I think we will see more studies that will dig deeper into this topic as time passes.


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I tried it for a month, got from my mother in law. I was hopeful to feel something but didn't. Darn.....


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So is this something to take daily, like a vitamin, or only when hurting?

I don't drink and/or use rec drugs and never have, minus maybe 10 sips of alcohol in my life time. I am also not big on painkillers, although really dont have a problem with ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc and I would say I take ibuprofen a handful of times a year.

So, what exactly does CBD or THC supposed to do for me?