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May 29th 2008

70 and sunny. I'm out for an easy day of riding with the HS MTB club over in wawayanda. Riding the a & b ride normally equates to about 2.5 to 3 hours of ridding. Running the club has been one of the most rewarding experiances in my teaching career. Many of the students have even started racing!

Over the past weekend I was riding with EABODS and I cracked my frame at the bottom bracket, but gary fisher is sending one out personally for me:rolleyes: so I'll be ready for LM this weekend! The plan is to piece it together Friday and ride it Saturday. Then, I hope all goes well on Sunday:)


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Rest Day

What a sweet ride yesterday!:D The Vernon MTB Club went out for a little over an hour for some skills training, and then I ended up meeting up with Rob Witte from team bulldog. We ended up riding for another 2 hours almost. It felt great to be out on the bike. I didn't have my single speed bike:(, but I rode my geared bike and had a great time.

My bike 'should' be coming in today and I hope to have it together tonight. Saturday -- it's over to Waway to give it a test before Sunday.




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Thank You EABODS

I was writing this for all of my adoring fan(s) out there. By the way I have always been a dork and I'm surprised it has taken you 13 years to figure that out. O'well stay tuned for an up to date posting on when I go and use the bathroom or when I'm watching the Giro at work.:D

I was hoping that I could also share my training style or lack of with the masses. Keep riding and going fast my brother.:)

-r fizzle



You're dead after school. And you''re training regimine is a bit ridiculous, I'll be eating a sandwich and swishing down a Virgil's while you're still racing. Ahhhh, the beauty of Sport Class!




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Lewis Morris

Lewis Morris went well. It started out real fast and Joe and I blasted off the front. (Expert SS) We had 29ers w/32-18 combos and after the first lap; we were thinking that gear might have been a little tall for 4-laps. After a 28 min first lap, Joe dropped bottle on a bumpy downhill and stopped to grab it. I then settled in to a good pace and found a rhythm, and never reconnected with him. I end up being happy with my gear choice and I was able to keep riding strong to the finish.

Well today it is off the bike and time to catch up on all of the housework I ignored last week.:D

Thanks to Marty's for putting on another fine race and what a beautiful day.:)



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Lewis Morris went well...

Here is a souvenir. You may have been first but I'm the one wearing the cool jersey!!!


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Here is a souvenir. You may have been first but I'm the one wearing the cool jersey!!!

I hardly recognize you without your tongue out. :D

so. I must ask .... did you know Nathan was taking your picture, when you stuck your tongue out ???


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But he's the one wearing the super-blingin' George Hincapie sunglasses:cool:


Thanks Jim. Those are Crossaddict 2008 pro issue team wear glasses.

Thanks for the podium pic Ben! I do like your jersey, but it would match my outfit to well. I can't have that.

Well as far as riding goes I hope to get out sometime in the afternoon today. If not tomorrow I'll be at Waway with the MTB Club (HS) and riding with EABODS around 5:30 from the Barry lakes entrance. The weekend looks promising with sunshine and hot temps.:)

See ya out there,:)



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Mtb Weekend !!!

Saturday pre-ride at stewarts and Sunday over to wawayanda for some 'nasty' loops Whoo Hoo !!! :D

Peace out baby B's



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Not feeling it

The weekend was great! Saturday riding at stewarts is always fun and Sunday I was caugh in a thunder storm at waway. It became really slick and I wnt down and bruised my side:mad:. Monday I needed to rest and ended up getting a little sick from the family. I guess they wanted to pass it around and share. Well its tuesday and I'm going to take another day and see if I feel better. Until later Peace.



Silly Sweet and Super Stiff

VTC officially starts July 1st. Two long road rides (50 -85 miles) and two mountain bike rides a week, 1 at a steady pace (8.5 mph or so)3+ hours, another fast ride for 1 and a half to two hours. Tommy D steaks once a week. All rides start around 10 or whenever we feel like; rides will start later on days where there is a mountain stage or TT on VS. You are all invited but you will most likely be at work and all stressed out. You should all be teachers.

EABODS S a D CS LWD in da MF H:getsome:

VTC (Vernon Training Camp) is proud to present another instillation of 'Silly Sweet Rides'

I might try and swing this on tuesday of next week is all goes well. 2:30 start 5:15 finish.

-r to the f

P.s. Keep tuned in more to come.


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VTC bike rides

NOTE: Rides with swimming stops and 'sandwich rides' will be announced in advanced. July 1st will kick off with a 'silly sweet sandwich' ride with a stop in warwick ny for a wrap/sandwich and then roll out for one more climb to lose the 'lunch legs' and hopeful not the lunch. Keep tuned, fake being sick, skip work, and make it out to a VTC epic.


r to the f

Riding >>>>> Work

baby b


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Sweet Sweet Stewarts

I have to say, I love riding that course. The few fire road sections were a little slow on a single speed, but the rest was butter, simply butter. I'm looking forward to the Dark Horse 40. I've never done the race, but if it's more of the same. I want it.

As far as the race went. I felt real good on race day even though it was a rough week leading up to it. On my pre-race ride I clipped a tree with my bar and went OTB out onto the fire road from the prologe loop. It was pretty funny, but I dusted myself off and spun around a little more. The race went well, and I won the SS expert race:D. I was hoping to have a good showing as it was father's day and I wanted to bring home a medal for my son. (he likes to wear them around the house.

Two more weeks until the NJ Championships, then some time off (Monday) and start up with VTC rides. The plan for VTC is not intensity, but rather lots of fun riding and getting in base miles for CYCLOCROSS SEASON.:D

Until later

Peace, Love, and Hair Grease

- r to the F

:mad2:S a D BB's and EABODS GWD ida MFH:getsome:
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