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Hey everyone - DISASTER!!!

My Lipton team bike was stolen from in front of the Tenafly Bicycle
Workshop on County Rd. today between about 2 and 3 p.m. I made a police
report, but am hoping that word-of-mouth might help find it since it is a
rather distinctive bike.

It's a size 49, Ultegra equipped, with black bar tape, a yellow and
black Fizik saddle, and Mavic Open Pro wheels with a (gulp) yellow
PowerTap hub on the rear. The frame is bright yellow with red Lipton
decals under the clear coat. I think the only other such bikes in the
area belong to 1) a gentleman who works at Unilever in Englewood, but his
bike is a 54 cm. 2) Kristen LaSasso, so don't grab her bike if you see

If anyone can post this plea on his/her website, or has a line to the
NYCC or any other such group and thinks it's appropriate, please pass
this info along. I'm thinking it was probably a kid or some other
non-hardened criminal -type, who might ride it around or try to sell it.
I've already contacted local (NJ) bike shops to be on the lookout, and I
will post on CRCA net too. Leads can go to the Tenafly PD: (201)
568-5100, case# TY-06-03700.

Thanks all, and keep your fingers crossed please!


I ride 9W almost every weekend and stop at Piermont and Nyack. I'll look for it but I doubt a rider stole it. Post a pic if you have one.


A strong 7
I read an article that said that most stolen bikes were stolen by non-bikers. i will contact the OP and see if I can get a pic.
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