Cross @ Craigmeur 2...10/28/07...

I did my first cross race ever at Craigmeur this past Sunday, and it was very cool, and hard as s@#@. I saw a new high HR #, that scared me a little bit. though I'm hooked, and will gladly be back this weekend for another beating.
Assuming I can get my CX bike rolling by then, I'll there.

Today's words of wisdom: Make sure your chain ring bolts are tight.:hmmm:
HA!! RyderX, that heart rate thing is nuts during a CX race!! The thing that sucks is being 200% pinned and then attacking from there!! You go from the red zone into the plaid and back!! FUN FUN FUN!! See everyone there...
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It's crazy stuff. I really didn't know what to expect. I did the C race which was cool, though I'm moving up to the 45+ this weekend, so I can start chasing some points. So much for a nice relaxing Autumn !!!
Looks like I'm missing this one, bike is broken and the part I need won't be here till early next week. Phooey.
C's are fun...I won Westwood as a C but I moved into the B's at Wissahickon and will now just be trying to keep up, so I think I'm out of the points chase!! And Chris, whatchoo need? I gots parts out the wazoo!!
This is also a cross race in PA on Saturday... so for all the cross addicts near and far, get two in one weekend! ;)

See you all there!
And Chris, whatchoo need? I gots parts out the wazoo!!
I mangled my 36t ring on Tuesday when I lost two chain ring bolts. Plain old neglect on my part.:sleep:

So a 110mm ring will get me going for Sunday. Jason will have a new one for me on Tuesday, worst case. Thanks.
Too bad Chris, the course was AWESOME!! Get your bike ready for Augusta!! No Wednesday CX practice for me this week, I'll be trick-or-treating with my boys!!

race report...

This course was amazingly fun and very HARD!! They started you out on a rocky fire road with an S bend into MUD!! You rode in the mud across a field and then did a 180 and came back across in the same mud...into a techy downhill,180 around a tree,then up a rocky climb along some stairs...the stairs were fun during the race because of all the people!! Then it went over some barriers, past the pit, and down a super-sketchy rooty-muddy downhill into a wide open fireroad section...out of the fire road you went over some woopdy-doos, which was amazing at 100 MPH!! Then back into off-camber grassy mud, uphill on a paved road, a short descent into a horrible rock-stair run-up, and then around some nice hard pack back to the finish...

I felt good during the B race, started well, got dropped by Todd and Mike, and just kinda rode my own race, no mechanicals, no falls, I ended up 12th out of 30 something, just in the top half...Placings from the guys that ride on Wednesday night...Mike got 3rd, Todd got 5th, Tom Mains got 6th, I got 12th, Mark got 14th I think, Don DNF'ed...Farmer Andy won the C race, and there were also tons of other Rutgers kids in the C race as well but I don't know where they all placed...

Good times, next up, Augusta...

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