Crazy car-motorcycle encounter.


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I was driving home on Rt 18 last week, and saw a pretty wild almost accident that had a pretty entertaining (for me) aftermath. A car and a motorcycle were up in front of me. They both decided to change lanes at the same time, but the motorcycle (who was behind the car) was accelerating and got up alongside the car. The car got half in the lane with the bike, and wasn't in a hurry to get out. I can't tell if they were exchanging words, but the guy on the bike started kicking the door of the car. They must have been going about 80, and this guy is just kicking away at the car. Crazy! IMO, both of the drivers were at fault. But the sight of the biker kicking the door was something. Just thought I'd share.


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i've kicked a headlight in on a lincoln on my motorcycle. fucking guy merged right into me on his cell phone on rt 80

then some camry fucking creamed me and put me in the hospital. way too many fucking idiots on the road to enjoy 2 wheels in this state. even my road bike friend got smashed twice now.


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Is it illegal to carry a crobar strapped to the side of a motorcycle?

I figure it would do a lot more damage and be more fun to use on idiots than kicking. :)


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A problem with moto's on the road is that the drivers don't act like a car driver does. People aren't expecting a small vehicle to be weaving in and out of traffic. You check your mirror and over your shoulder, nothing there, then you merge and next thing you know there is a bike rider there all pissed off. I don't think i could ever ride a motorcycle on a highway, i'm paranoid about passing people with my car. If you are coming up on someone quickly for a pass i think you are always in danger. I'm all for being aware of motorcycles on the road but if you are speeding and weaving in and out of lanes, i don't feel sympathy for you getting in an accident.


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The car driver was weaving, too. I agree with your point, though. Some of the bikers take big chances with the way they ride.
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