Crashing at a park near you in 2008



OK, so I posted up before that some of the Westchester guys would be making some trips into NJ this year, and not just to Diablo. I've put together some footage from our crashes on the various road trips from '07. (Click on the pic of the Bloody leg)

Going to need some local knowledge, for the '08 trips so I can fill up the reel with even better stuff.

Let me know what you think.



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Awesome vid as usual! As long as you continue to do the tours of westchester spots I am sure you will have people lining up to return the favor.

I missed the flatlander tour last year, will be back for a lot of Blue/Sprain this year at the very least. (Sprain owes me a thumb ligament :D )


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i'll be happy to take you guys on some very crashable trails in the mahlon dickerson area.

I had some crashes just like the video up at MD last weekend, in fact!!!

There is a section of trail in the northern part of the park, I think it is the "green" trail, or at least runs into the "green" trail, off of the Pine Swamp loop. Holy crap!! Granted, there was 2-4 inches of loose snow on the ground, but I think I'd been walking or laying on the ground just as much if the snow was gone. I could barely walk parts of it...let alone ride it. And the "green" trail starts off so nice where the white/green/cascade/highline trails meet...don't be fooled by a 1/2 mile of nice/smooth single track--it's just a trick to lure you in!!!

There was one steely-eyed biker that rode it at some point during the weekend, though. Single tire track in the snow and I was looking for dabs when I was walking. There were no dabs. I'd love to watch somebody clean some of that stuff in that area.

It was probably Sean...
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