Coyote bites man

Not long ago one was about 20 from my fence looking at my 2 dogs. I was yelling at it and waving my arms. It had no fear of humans. I had to chase it off, two nights in a row. Wyckoff is not as wooded as Oakland or Franklin lakes.
Well, my Mrs. had an encounter with one a last night.

Our blind Lhasa Apso was walking around the yard doing her business around 10:30pm when she heard some rustling in the woods and headed straight back to my wife on the front porch. Just as our dog reached the front porch, the coyote leaped from the side yard towards what eventually was a deer in the front yard which happened to be only a few feet away from where our dog was.

Needless to say, my wife was freaked as this is our first encounter with the coyote on our property. Fox and bear are a common theme, but not the coyote.

Question; is there a program or state/government entity that will remove the coyotes or will I have to work around the headache of managing a coyote in my neighborhood?
Hunting coyote starts in January (NJ) get ready.

Although with park being closed you can really rip.

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