Cost of ski binding adjustment?


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I just scored a new pair of K2 from E-Bay:D. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get the bindings adjusted to my weight, ski boot size ect...
I'm in Central NJ. Thank you for any responces!!!


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I always did them myself....the binding mfr. website should have a PDF with the settings for different weights. As far as adjusting for size it is also EZ & likely available as PDF on the Mfr. website.

Takes about 1 minute to do per ski....


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I know the DIN seting I just can not move the toe piece forward. They are K2 Recon with Marker MX 12.0.

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It's always cheaper if you buy from the shop. You're looking between $60- 80 to remount.

Double and tripple check that you can't move the heal price back


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I got the heel all the way back. The toe seems to be on rails, so it would have go forward. I will take it to a shop, but I got 2009 K2 Apache Recon 184cm for $500.00 with S/H. That was a deal I could not pass up. They go for $980.00 right now + S/H.
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