Corona Positivity thread


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Those mono blocks are powering them. The amps are a hybrid tube for the mides and tweeters and solid state for the woofers.
McIntosh 302 amps for the surrounds and atmos speakers. These are all the amps prior to the change. The bottom left and Roght amps were removed for the new 901 amps. View attachment 122921
Damn, rich folks just go gaga for Macs. The new MC901s are supposed to be superbe. I'm now disappointed in the bargin front driver's after seeing this...

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Cat on a lap.
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Popcorn in the afternoon. Believe me there's popcorn cooking.
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My view from today's meeting.

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Took me a few seconds to figure where that was, with Sandy Hook in the background...then I saw the trellis in the corner. I have to admit that I've been avoiding riding on the road when the trails are wet; 2 years out from being hit, almost, and every time I hit the road, I have another uncomfortable encounter.

I get that most people are okay, but it seems like I encounter an abnormal number of the shitty ones. Case in point, as I was riding through [mostly deserted] Belmar on the way to Allaire, I was buzzed by 2 people who refused to get any closer to the double yellow. The bridge out is a huge PITA, by the way. I mean, I understand why it needs to be worked on, but the detour is crap for cyclists.