Core Creek, Newtown, PA 2-12-09


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My company moved to Newtown PA recently, within a minute of Core Creek Park.

It's a fun little park,you can put together an interesting 7-9 mile loop to hit everything. Can't get lost, and there are trailheads everywhere.

No real climbs, but some nice features - lots of logs, and a few neat man-made step-downs (they all face counterclockwise on the loop, you'll know what I mean), stream crossings/bridges, etc.

Some roots and nice smooth, tight switchbacks in the woods.

It's a good way to spend an hour.

Went out yesterday Feb 12, and it was bordering on dry. Some wet stuff, but could be avoided.

This is not mine, but should give you an idea, and how to find.


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I've never heard of it. It is about 3-4 miles from Neshaminy HS where the MASS race is. That could be a good combo ride. Neither place is that big but you could do both.

Prolly too far to ride between the two. Some may be interested in riding one location then driving over to the other. Just a thought.


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Yes, I would say Core Creek by itself isn't worth driving to any serious amount of time, but catching Neshaminy as well would make it worthwhile.


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I usually try to ride there after work about once a wk. There are some new jump areas and you can add some more trail if you go behind the Middle School. Thanks for the trail update.
Last Sunday it was really soft and had to cut the ride short. Maybe I'll see you on the trail.


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I rode Core Creek once last summer. This place is decent if your local but I definitely wouldn't travel any more than 15 minutes to ride here. It kind of reminded me of a much smaller, less eroded, Mercer with a few little jumps mixed in.


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I would agree with everyone who said Core Creek is not worth a long drive. I live nearby and ride there occasionally. There are some fun parts, but mostly it is pretty flat and I never get much of a workout.

I should also mention that many trails there tend to get very overgrown in the summer - watch out for briers and thorns. Winter is probably a better time to go, as long as the weather has been dry for a while.
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