coolest race ever???


Like a Jerk
it's nowhere near us but it is awesome
It's simple. Race 21 miles and see who is the king donut! In circuit style, ride 7 miles, then eat as many donuts as you would like. No limit. Then, ride 7 more miles, eat more donuts, then ride the last 7 mile lap. Glory and adulation are waiting for you at the Finish Line. Proceeds benefit the Utah Amber Alert ID project.

Did I forget to tell you? For every donut you eat, subtract three minutes from your time! Ten donuts? 30 minutes right off the top. Finally your appetite and your pot belly are your greatest assets!

i could score in the negatives, hands down.

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I saw this the other day, and I gotta say there's isn't any race this year that I want to do. How much are flights to SLC these days?


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there's a race like this in PA. It was in Bicycling Magazine sometime last year. I want to say close to Lancaster.
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