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As temps start to dip lower each morning we get a steady reminder that winter is on the way. Although it is getting colder, there are some secret and not-so-secret methods to extend the riding season. Feel free to share your methods to keep the wheels turning as the temps get brisk.

Use Arm, knee, and leg warmers to extend your cycling wardrobe without investing in winter-weight clothing. Any summer jersey can become a long-sleeve jersey with warmers. If you start to get too warm you can slide them down or remove them completely. The same theme applies to knee and leg warmers.

A plastic shopping bag can be a cheap wind-breaker. On a cool morning last week I had a base layer tank and a jersey. I needed just a little more to keep the cold off my chest. A vest would have been overkill within a few minutes. I covered my chest with a plastic shopping bag between my base and jersey. Felt kinda goofy putting it in place. Honestly, I completely forgot about it until I was undressing later.

Got any ideas to share???


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I picked up a bunch of $1 toe warmers at Modells that helped me a lot last year. Since they last 6 hours put them on well before you leave the house.

If you sweat like a pig like me, don't overdress because soaking wet clothes make you absurdly cold in a very short amount of time.

Buy a good pair of ski gloves, they're really not that expensive.


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Anything with a wind resistant layer is super important. I wore a craft base layer with a gore tex front. It was super. Plastic bags are a great idea! Remeber when you wore them inside of your boots as a kid?


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bah, you don't need that stuff. after about an hour, you wont notice that your fingers and toes hurt anymore...

seriously, this winter i am DEFINITELY making pogies for my handlebars. they enable you to wear regular, summer weight gloves while riding in the winter.

wool socks are a huge help. layer your jerseys, and ware at least two layers over your 'stuffing', because noone likes cold stuffing.
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