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I was blown away by a trail rider on Sunday. This gentleman was having a nice ride when he came upon our group of trail maintenance volunteers. We spoke briefly and he went about his way and thanked us for our work. That usually satisfies everyone, to know that your work is appreciated. But this guy went above that. He was on another loop when he ran across us again at a different location. He stopped again, we talked a little more, he then reached back and pulled out a baggy with money in it. He handed it to me and asked if I would buy lunch for the volunteers with the money he gave me. I was stunned by his kind gesture. This was the second gift like that in as many weeks. Allaire is truly a great place, with great people. I hope that Chuck-E-Chillout reads this and I hope that this is a better "Thank You" than the drop-jawed expression he received from me last time. FYI, he is buying coffee and bagels for the next trail maintenance session so all can enjoy.
Thank you Chuck, Ozzie and your crew as well.:)
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Maybe there is some hope for NJ yet? That is an amazing story, and I am sure it feels great to have your hard work appreciated.
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