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We've have a digital video camera* for a while and it takes video in MTS format. The quality on the camera and plugged into the TV is great. But when I upload to youtube it sucks, and Vimeo doesn't even recognize it as a valid format.

So my question is, what can I use to convert this to...something? Ok, 2 questions. Ok 3.

1. What video hosting site is going to be the best quality?
2. What format should I be converting to?
3. Is there a free utility that I can do this with?

* all the videos I post are just with the digital camera in movie mode, not exactly the highest quality videos.

Here is an example of an MTS uploaded directly to youtube:

The MTS converted to AVI with AVSVideoConverter:

Same AVI on vimeo:

The Vimeo link is the best, but it still blows. When you watch this on the camera itself it's like movie quality - not really but you get the point. It's really really good. But posting anywhere blows. The digital camera in video mode is hands down better. Honestly I think playing the video back on the camera and recording it with the digital camera would produce better results than these.

And to clear up the video, that's my daughter playing the piano with 2 Dora dolls.

Thanks in advance!


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I've had good luck using SUPER.

It converts just about any video format to just about any other video format and its free. The GUI isn't highly polished but it gets the job done.

Just be aware that any video conversion is going to be less clear then the original. The key is to minimize the damage. It usually comes down to file size vs. quality, so play around with the settings a bit.

I suspect that youtube and vimeo are converting the video to flash format when you upload. Is there a way to force them to keep the native file format? I know allows you to do that. I uploaded some .wma files to blip and the quality is pretty darn good if you force them to show in wma when viewing online.


Complete Nonsense

i hate u-tube

use flash, it works great, i just did 2 videos in flash it stream great

i use dreamweaver alot, and seldon flash

use flash import

audacity is free audio it works great too
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