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Is there a trail along Waterloo Rd. that connect Deer Park and North Allamuchy...I saw a blue trail on the parks map that I acquired from a kiosk that seems to connect the two parks...Does this trail exist and if so how would you access it if you wanted to start from Deer Park


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you may be seeing the highlands trail which is kind of unrideable because of terrain and also intersects in and on waterloo road. If you look at motionbase rides or search mooch ride of all parks, I think chris has a pretty good route that tunnels rt. 80 but some road has to be ridden to join them.


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Yeah i took that Highlands into Mooch north from Waterloo road one time. You have to do some rock climbing with the bike on your shoulder. It wasn't too bad though, was a pretty cool experience. There is basically one steep section, then you are on a lookout and close to the Yellow trail.


I was just up at deer park on sunday morning. We took the white trail all the way out to rt 80 and then ripped down the red to waterloo rd across from the concert field. We also had a map and apparently the blue diamond trail is waterloo rd. about a mile down the rd there is a old powerline trail. It is to crappy to ride and took about 15 min to hike up but it will get you back onto the white trail in deer park. All in all a great ride. The white trail gets very technical way in the back. Steep drops and lots of rock riding. I was in the lowest gear for probly 15 min.

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