Congratulation to Roger Aspholm


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Fast Roger

Roger Aspholm is super fast and has given me a few tips that have helped my cyclocross skills improve. So good for him and good for NJ.

I just wish I could afford to have him coach me.:( Then I might be a fast roger too.


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It's good for us too.

So good for him and good for NJ.
It’s good for us to. A few months ago I was looking into Cyclo Cross and was considering getting a Cyclo Cross Bike. Someone told me, "it’s not popular in New Jersey"and New England is Cyclo Cross Country." The starter Cross bikes even seemed reasonable in price, but with out events and training groups, it just seemed like a waste.

That wasn't a totally loss for me, as I purchased a mountain bike (Giant Yukon fx), with the reasoning that over the course of the year, I could justify the cost of a new Mountain bike, based on the usage I would get, as opposed to a Cross bike, that would just gather dust in my closet.

Eventually I hope get a Cross Bike or convert a bike I have. Also, I wish that a promoter would create a multi sport event with Cyclo Cross in it.


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Very cool. He is a complete animal on the road. He won the 35+ race for the NJ Masters Championships this year too.
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