Conditons Skyline 2/16


El Guac-Oh
Very nice.
Trails are dry and hard packed for the most part...a couple of frozen ruts here and there but nothing major. Even the fire road around the lake is in good shape. I guess it is good that most people stay away from the northern parks druing winter and hit Allaire :p
Lake is pretty much still frozen so I had to hit it STUDLESS, (pretty good grip, I must say)
I don't know what is it with frozen lakes that fascinates me like a bug to light...perhaps the fact the I grew up with no ice or snow:hmmm:
Saw guy ice skating too.



*no mud!!!


"Sleeveless Joe"
On my way home from the Jungle yesterday I saw alot of folks ice fishing on the nearby Monksville Res. complete with their one or 2 man tents/huts. Must like the isolation. ;)

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