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heartshorn conditions.......

I ride there at least 2-3 times a week and I rode there today.......there was a little bit of muddy spots but all in all the trails are FAST and as usual AWESOME!!!!!!!!tommorw early should be FASTER 'cause of the over nite colder temps.......which is good!...what time you want to go?????


Thanks for the report.

No idea on what time I'll be able to get down there at this point, though. Hopefully I can make it before noon.


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give me a ballpark

a ballpark time is ok and I usually park in the top lot near the henry hudson school and do about a 9-10 mile loop....the track should be fast tommorow!.....I ride a red gary fisher...first name is Ron.

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Anyone know if it's a Mudfest @ Hartshorne??? :hmmm:

Yup. Everyone thinks Hartshorne "drains really well" but with this rian/snow/ cycle, and temps. going from sub 32* to damn near 60* even a place that drains well is going to be too wet to ride without doing damage to the trails.

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Arrgghhh.....Can't wait for DRY trails again...:getsome:

just 2 more months and it will be dry and warm and chicks in bathing suits and short skirts and small tops and tops down on the cars...sun on the more wet and cold and chicks in long-johns and pants and sweaters...4wd on SUVs...snow on ankles...but it might freeze this meetin a friend at hartshorne friday if its nice and 10.00am

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bet its good tomorrow/friday i got 2 friends taggin with me at 10.00am should be fast and frozen/dry...ahahahahahaha cant wait F work


I was at Heartshorne today around 10:30. It wasn't as cold as I expected. A little frozen rutty in some spots. It started out fast but the sun was full blaze and it got slick and squishy on the top layer real quick. The earlier the better. Also a few trees down, you'll see them. Have fun.


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I did a quick loop at Heartshorne today. Conditions were just like dhsean said. It was cold and the trails were getting slick so I turned around a little early and rode the blacktop and fireroad back to the parking lot.

Tomorrow? IDK, I'm guessing with the snow and rain mix, then warming up a bit on Sunday, things will be pretty sloppy until mid-week next week.

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me and a friend hit hartshorne today at 10.00 did a nice loop the spot the sun were on got slick other wise it was lings and muscles had a bit of trouble with the cold air couldn't get it going didnt have a bad ride just not my best today...allaire tomorrow at 12.00


What bike do I need

What bike do I need to ride this park? Downhill? Freeride? X-Country?


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Hartshorne is a XC trail. Nothing is too big, so run your shocks a little more firm than you would at some of the bigger places. Many ride hardtails and singlespeeds. Enjoy it, you couldn't get lost if you tried

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