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is there still snow on the ground in Jungle? I was hoping Wednesday rain would remove it all before the weekend.


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Not a speck of snow left on trails. In fact you'd hardly know it ever snowed. Some lower trails a little muddy, but not bad especially where there is leaf cover. Upper trails in great shape. Should be primo for his weekend.


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I guess I wasn't paying attention to the forecast when I gave this glowing recommendation. I'm sure the snow overnight hit Jungle. That alone would certainly be ride-able. But, then it was 40 degrees after that and probably melted like crazy making things real soft. I'd say that if you are going to hit Jungle this weekend ride early. It looks like it should freeze each night, but day-time temps are going to be warm both days.


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uncle jungle was at ringwood, which is right next door.
this afternoon.


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It's going to be a mess everywhere after all that rain and snow. I'll stick to the road this weekend.

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