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around 12:30pm...i dont remember seeing a salsa out there today...or anyone in an mtbnj kit...

Although i did see a mtbnj kit at allaire on sat. i shoulda introduced myself...


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I was out yesterday, and the majority of the trails are fine. A few sections near Canal are flooded though. My friend and I rode through them anyway, it was literally like riding through a swamp.
Fun day yesterday, I'm glad nature put an end to the rain.


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I was out there last night, started up at the soccer fields, didnt make it down to the canal but took detour out onto jacques ln off the white trail. everything up to that point was real good.

sure would have enjoyed the mud bog down by the canal tho


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I'm gonna give it a whirl for happy hour tomorrow around 5:00. We had a full day of sun and wind today and sun again tomorrow. I will report back.


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rode this morning....conditions are good..water laying in the turns on the 27 side canel side nice and tacky...get out there and enjoy the day.


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trails were in great shape tonight. Should be primo for the weekend if it doesnt rain much. I liked the few little additions/changes that have been made since i was there last.


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got out this morning - like everyone is saying, a few wet corners here and there, but other than that its tacky and fast.


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just got back from 6MR. I havent ridden there in a long time. 2 observations:

(1) It's very twisty ;)
(2) the bridge over the swamp is a masterpiece.

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I was a little dissapointed that I couldn't make it to the Allaire group today but I hit up a loop here and it was good. Conditions were definitley awesome. Perfect weather, until I got back to the 27 lot when it started to rain. Im sure that surprised the group of about 15 people who were walking in crossing the power lines. Looks like its just a few small showers in the area. Conditions should still be ideal for tomorrow. Hit it up.
Yea... That bridge is insane!

Did you wear water waders?

It was funny though... I saw dog poop on it once...
Definitely not a sign of the quality of craftsmanship though...
Im sure the pup was very happy to be on a bridge at that moment... :)

Seriously though... Kudos... It's awesome riding that bridge.


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Believe it or not, that section does dry out in the summer. Pretty sure the bridge was built when it was dry last season.

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