Conditions at wawayanda?


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Iwas thinking of tring to get down for a ride on wednsday. Has anyone been there lately? Is it ready for a thrashing?


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good question...

i'm curious to know myself as its my primary ride zone. right now i imagine the trails are firming up but they are still very soft and there may still be substantial mud and water puddles from the recent rain and melted snow.

i'm itching to go once the rig is tuned. please post or pm me if you're interested in scheduling group rides. i live quite close and start most rides from the cherry ridge entrance.


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I was there today, very damp. Trails are moist but not muddy. Definately fun riding. Only real mud spot was that wide area way out by the pipeline which is always a big pool of water/mud. Was a blast, very quiet as well.
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