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This is a few days late, but I wanted to share on the condition of the trails at Baldpate. I rode there on Sunday, Jan. 4, in the afternoon. I rode around the Honey Hollow area, powerlines, ridge trail, and Pleasant Valley trail.

The trails were mostly frozen with some areas of mud, water, and ice on the trail. The trails higher up on the ridge that are rocky were dry and in good condition. Lower down, many trails consisted of frozen ruts that crunched when I rode over them. It made for some tricky handling. There are still some leaves, but they are starting to get chopped up and flattened.

I noticed more hikers on the trails than I have ever seen there. I guess the new improvements to the parking facilities and trails as well as a greater awareness of the park are bringing more people in. I was polite to all the hikers, and slowed down or stopped, but many were unfriendly. I hope we do not run into access issues at Baldpate if hikers start to complain about mountain bikers.
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