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In the interest of not steering "Question #7" off topic...

I've ridden through south mountain a few times this year since its IN my town and I know the trails from when I was younger and it was legal. The singletrack trails are HORRENDOUS, nobody is taking care of this place! there are tree's down almost ever 100 feet. I started building up some of the tree's so you can cross them without getting off your bike, but on like the 5th tree in a mile I gave up. Just too many. In all the hours I spent in there I didn't see a single person. Nobody. And it was a stellar day out.
South Mountain has for the most part been abandoned.
Unless you are 60 and like to walk on the gravel fire roads, those I'm sure are still fine.

Geez, and I thought that the other interest groups were keeping the trails in pristine condition since the likes of mountain bikers had been expelled... If I had the money for a helmet-cam, I would video the South Mountain trails in order to compare them side-by-side with trails that we frequent. I must say, almost all of the off-road bike specific trails that I encounter in New Jersey are very well maintained and cared for by the riders. As far as I can see, the old "they will destroy the land/trails" argument is beyond laughable at this point. I know there are some mountain bikers on the Board of Trustees (or whatever it is called) but suspect that others on the Board have not taken the opportunity to tour some of the other fine parks in our state.

I know there has been some recent TM at South Mountain. Hopefully, someone can convince those in power that opening up the park to bikes would result in increased desire to repair the trails to the benefit of all user groups. In my opinion, other groups simply do not share our desire when it comes to maintaining the parks.


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One thing i forgot to add to my diatribe is how much the brush has grown into the trails. Both of my arms were bleeding from the thorns. I have a cell phone pictures somewhere of a section of the Lenape trail that was so overgrown it looked like a rain forest. I had to get off of my bike and duck to get through a whole section of it. Half fallen tree's and vines and sticker bushes.
I need to make it out to trail maintenance there. Problem is that I'm half crippled but I'm sure someone can find a use for me.


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Happy Trails….

Don Schatz

South Mountain Conservancy

I suspect Don is one of the bike friendly board members? Thanks for the info.

It is just so frustrating to see trails go unused. I feel nothing but pride about being part of the NJ mountainbike scene. I can ride for days on bike specific trails and not find a single piece of trash, etc. However, the hiking trails that I have been on recently are another story.:mad: I simply don't understand how the South Mountain Conservancy can be blind to this fact.
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