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I was looking at the Bose sound dock thing to have in my house to play my Ipod on, but since my Ipod mysteriously disappeared, that idea is out the window. Can any of you suggest a speaker system for my computer that is relatively inexpensive, say around or under $200 that is loud and has good sound quality that I can use to play music off my Pc that I can hear throughout my house? I admit I am not a gadget guy so any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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i was gonna suggest studio headphones till i saw the throughout the house bit. nothing sounds better.


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Thanks, but I am looking for something like if we are having a party, I can put some music on and hear it pretty good.


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Nothing beats Bose. Some of their computer systems and sound docks have input jacks --> hook to computer or other sources. I also have some Harmon Kardon computer speakers that I don't need - great speakers - hoping to sell them.


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walt, these are out of that price range, but i have heard these at 2 different houses, unbelievable:

My bro-in-law picked up a se of wireless speakers from BB&B for $80 with a 20% coupon, which he uses with his xm system. the sound was surprisingly good, actually better than my Bose radio.


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Dan, I have been looking at those, they have been rated really well on some of the consumer sites I have looked at, thanks.

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The flight's a bit later. I rebooked myself on a later one just so that I could ensure that no others lead you astray on the speaker thing.

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If you want really good speakers check out klipsch speakers. I'm a teenager so i know what loud is and the Klipsch pc speakers are a little too loud at sometimes. I play them at half way and they make it so loud you can't hear your friends even if their yelling. My dad has a klipsch home theatre which is way over 200 dollars but you can hear them up the street their so loud. Pick up Klipsch pc speakers now, when i got them all my friends went out to buy them their incredible!


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I can vouch for klipsch quality. I've had a pair or regular speakers since high school and they're still going strong. Did I mention I turn 94 next week?
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