commuting tomorrow


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i hit a dead deer today, destroyed my radiator :cry:

Looks like I will be riding my mary to school tomorrow... all 11 miles :eek:

Of course I will be riding it ss.

I wonder how my school will react to me riding, will I be allowed to park in my parking space?


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parked behind my school that is pretty much in the woods = not stolen unless a circus bear escaped and is hiding near by
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im betting your class will be canceled. unless you can lock it up somewhere, I would just bring the bike right along with you wherever you go. When I would ride my bike to my old job, it sat in my cubicle. I doubt anyone would care. F them if they do, at the end of the day, you will still have your bike.


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Yup, I commuted today. I am still in highschool! This was one of the dumbest things I have ever done on a bike. I left my house at 6:40 and got to school at 7:45. The dumb list I did.

1. Rode first 15 minutes in the dark with only a reflective strip on my backpack.
2. Rode ss 48 18 .... and this was the madin voyage for that. Never tried messing with gears before.
3. Rode a mountain bike.. my mary ss.
4. forgot to put air in the tyres... checked them at school 32 psi!
5. no helmet. locked in my car in the shop that didnt open for another hour.
6. left the bike at school because it was to cold to ride it home. now with snow predicted I wont have it this weekend for the ride in the city! FVCK I am a dumbass!!!!!
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