Colorado Here I Come! What to ride?


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Hey guys and gals. I'm traveling to Co June 30th to July 13th. My bro and I are going to wander around and hit up all the good spots to ride. Any suggestions? I've ridden all over Durango and Moab already as we're looking for new spots. We've already discussed Crested Butte, Telluride, and Fruita. Any other suggestions or trails in the previously mentioned itinerary that we MUST ride? Let me know. I'm psyched, 1 week from today I'm flying out!


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The buffalo creek area is awesome, it is on IMBA's epics so you should be able to get info there, about an hour from denver....


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i've ridden telluride and loved it - lots of fun stuff to be had there. beautiful area and a hip town.


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That is if it will be open when I'm out there. I can't believe that a lot of the higher elevation stuff still has a ton of snow on it.


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I guess easiest way to find out is to call the shuttle place ahead of time.
Highly recommended ride if accessible.


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Fruita & Grand Junction are worth it if you can make it there (see link below). My buddy lives in Breck & did that race 2 yrs ago. I don't think you'll be disappointed, he's done a bunch of these & says this is 1 of the best. Have fun & take some pics for those of us stuck here.


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I just got a call from my bro trying to back out of the race...I'm not letting him off that easily. We're gonna suffer together...
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