Colorado has great stuff!


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So far besides the race in Breckenridge, my bro and I have wandered around Durango mostly. We were so spent after driving 5 hours each way to Breck that we decided to stay local and have fun. It's been a blast.

We've done so far:

***Colorado trail to Hofheins to Dry Fork and back on the CT
***Animas Mountain to Sailing Hawks
***Colorado trail(Molas Pass) to Engineer Mountain to Pass Trail and back to Molas Pass

Next up is either Phil's World in Cortez or the Hermosa Trails
then off to Los Alamos NM for some more riding. Should be sweet.

I'm trying to upload pics but my bro's dial up is waaaaaay slow. I'll just have to post up some shots when I get back.


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cant wait to see the pics - durango is a cool area. sounds like you're having fun...

GA's right, what is this 'dial up' you speak of?:confused:


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Yea I know this dial up is crap. He just got capability to get DSL and I told him it's a no brainer. He's cheap anyway...he's a climber.

I didn't write much of a description for those rides but just to give you some flavor: Most of the rides around here are loose babyheads or nice singletrack. The 5hr ride I did was all over 10,000 ft and was one of the most beautiful and one of the most horrible trails I've ever ridden. Scenery was #1. The first 5 miles and the last 5 miles were amazing. The middle section was absolutely horrid. At least 1 mile of snow to cross and probably 3 miles of mud. Chainsuck was miserable and I had to stop and get water from streams to clean off the drivetrain so it would actually work. I'll post up the pics from this ride Mon.

The others were all great. You really get your climb on here. Each ride we've done has a climb of 2-3000 feet. The 5 hr ride we did was a 4+ hour tour on dirt followed by a 1300 ft paved climb back to the car. It's brutal but awesome at the same time. The water bars are fantastic. 30+ mph 4 feet in the air is pretty cool.


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Finally home and really wanting to be back out west. Sheesh it's humid. First thing I'd advise to everyone is to not bring a derailleur straightener tool in your carry on luggage. They tried to make me check it as a separate bag - along with my 2 others - for an extra charge of $100 for that one bag. That would be on top of my $125 fee for the bike. I finally persuaded them to throw it in my bike box to save me the fee. Outside of that the trip went really well.

On my 13 day trip I:

Rode for 7 days
Climbed for 6 days
Golfed for 1 day
Explored Indian Ruins 1 day

My bro has the pics on his camera so as soon as I get em I'll show ya some stuff.

Notables - riding was great and everyone needs to get out and do some of these high elevation rides. The scenery is amazing.

For the climbers out there - I sent a 5.11a on lead for the first time as well as a bunch of other 10's. What a great trip!


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In case you wanted to see any of the pics from out west I finally got them uploaded. Check out my blog to see the pics. I miss out west already just looking through them!
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