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I got this email this AM.

This might be helpful for some of the youngsters around here.

Dear cycle enthusiasts,

Milligan College is pleased to announce the addition of biking as an intercollegiate sport. Scholarships will be available for new students beginning in Fall 2009. Initially, Milligan will focus on mountain biking events, including a fall competitive season of four events: cross country, short track cross country, dual slalom, and downhill. Milligan’s campus and the surrounding area are perfect settings for these events.

Milligan is currently the only college in East Tennessee to offer mountain biking as a scholarship sport. We are glad to see that local bicycle enthusiasts will be able to fulfill their passion and help fund a quality college education. We are actively recruiting students – male and female – to compete for us in the upcoming season.

There is an athletic questionnaire located on the athletic webpage, any interested riders are asked to submit a completed questionnaire. Please help us spread the word and pass this information along to any prospective students or those interested in the program.

If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me or visit for details.

Thank you,

Brad Hill
Head Coach
Milligan College Mountain Biking

Office: 423.461.8330

Cell: 423.312.2438

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