Cohutta 100 in TN: Roll Call


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Who's goin? I will be there Friday afternoon and I'll be staying in the area till the following Sunday. I'm just curious as to who is gonna attend so I can put my money on who's gonna make the biggest fool of themselves at the after party :D
i'm in for the 100

probably heading down on weds and spending some time with family. might ride raccoon mountain on Thursday and then Friday go over to the touring center and pick up the race packet and scope out some of the single track.

going to try to head home on Monday am but we'll see what the work and kids school schedule is like.

so long as i survive i will be glad to be a after party fool!! :)
Sweet that sounds like a good plan. I want to try and get there pretty early to make sure I get a campsite. I'm stoked to get this rollin. It will be my 2nd 100 and should be a blast... I'm thinking of staying in the area and trying out some of the trails in Alabama, Georgia, TN and NC.
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