clifton to harriman state park.


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happy labor everyone!!

i've been planing this rides from last week and today the weather was so perfect to do this long distance rides.
i leave from my apt at 7am sharp,i'm taking my usual route(clifton,paterson,wayne,pomton lakes,ringwood) after 1and half hour i reach ringwood at sloatburgh rd then i continueing after passing morris rd.
then proceed taking route CR 72 to 17 north then make right turn on 7 lakes drive wich is lead me to harriman state park,s entrance.

this morning i've noticed there lots of harley davidson riders also roadies as well(no mtbikers,except me)
the 7 lakes drives, begin to make me slightly climbing and it keep me climbing
it's around 3% elev.with top elev 905 not realy a killer climb i can managed it with no hard it,s just an moderate climbs.
as i look around to my or right lake,s is everywhere(so that,s why it called 7 lakes)

all camp ground was pack or the beach peoples spend their times with families,friends,and love one.
thats including myself having fun with this rides.

after 4+ hours rides, as i approaching traffic circle at JCT route 6, if i keep on going it will leading me to bear mountain and it will kill me for sure as look at that mountain from the distance so i heading back(i'll do it on my next trip)

i certaintly gonna do this rides here again next time, to enjoying this oncoming autum.
so that all folks, i don't now what else i have to writes i'm no good writer anyway!!

note:my total hours riding+stop for fuel+enjoying view+chat w/fishermen
is 8:20 min
ride time is 7:07:10
average climb 3%
top alti 905
total distance trip was 99.88(lucky#)
choice of fuel is: 15 quail egg+1 chinese moon cake w/320 cal+4 pack GU+pizza+ice cream+ 4 gatorade+1 gal water.

i was riding really strong today and no cramps,no mechanical issue and most importantly i come home in one piece:D

thank you for reading!!:)
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Very cool liong! That is quite an epic ride for a mountain bike. I do many of the Ringwood to Harriamn roads on my road bike too. Very pretty roads and great shaded climbs.

I think I may have seen you on Sloatsburg Rd this morning when I was going up to Ringwood.

It is my dream to someday to be able to legally connect many of these parks together with little pavement for all of mountain bikers to enjoy. :D


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You did 100 miles today and you do all that on a single speed?:scared:

You are a beast!!!


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I saw you about 2:00 heading down sloatsburg road just before the school. I was wondering if you threw in a lap of the race course for good measure. Good job on the 100 miles!


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That's just redonculous. I went to camp up in harriman for about 15 years. Loved that dam park so much i ended up working for the camp long long ago. I always wanted to ride the trails i used to hike on because i know them like the back of my hand. Is riding permissable up there? Even if it's not, i know where you can park to be "permissable" 99 miles, you're nuts man. Congrats though. I am going to have to check my trail maps to figure how you did ringwood into harriman, Do they abut.


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@sprintzer----> 99 of trail mile :hmmm: if it for real i would loved to go there!

@mixmastamm------> yeah,...i saw you, with two bikes on your roof!
next time you saw me,honk pls:D.

@velocityboy------> well,thank you! i forgot to mentioned "1/4lbs beef jerky"

@cyclopath-----> now, you know i'm real!!:D

@pixychick-----> helo,..thank you ms pixychick!
after i'ved read your blog riding tandem to harriman,you've
give me inspiration to do this rides and next time i'm going
to visit that out look you'ved write about it.
that's splendid ideas,networking trails is no easy task!
wish your dream came true someday:)
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